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Besides our offer of the standard vinyl sticker, we also have a large range of stickers for special applications:

  • PVC labels: labels in plastic, available in various colours and thicknesses – cut into shape – self-adhesive or mounting holes
  • Irremovable labels: these labels break into very small pieces when they are tried to be removed. These labels cannot be detached in one piece. Therefore, their removal becomes a difficult, time-consuming job.
  • Fuel-resistant labels: labels fitted with a fuel-resistant varnish coat.
  • Barcodes: available in various carrier materials (vinyl, polyester, irremovable, etc.)
  • Polyester: labels resistant to very high temperatures – strong adhesion – often used for labels on motors, adaptors, computers, machines, etc.
  • Aluminium labels: resistant to high temperatures – strong adhesion – scrapable with scriber or ballpoint pen.
  • Ultra removable labels: do not leave adhesive residues when being removed.
  • Domed stickers: screen printed or digitally printed sticker with adhesive of choice (usually permanent vinyl or polyester), fitted with a 3D resin layer giving the sticker an exclusive appearance and protecting it against all weather conditions
  • Engraving labels: large range of colours and thicknesses, mounting holes or self-adhesive
  • Transfer label: this label only consists of ink, paint and an adhesive layer. This technology allows the label to remain extremely thin, giving the appearance that the end product was printed directly.
Technical details

Technical details

Vinyl (permanent, removable, ultra-removable, irremovable)
Aluminium label
Extra adhesive layer
UV laminate / polyester laminate
Fire-resistant varnish
Doming (3D resin layer)
Plot / punch / cut into shape
Mounting holes
Self-adhesive (extra thick adhesive layer for though and structured substrates possible)