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A CE machine plate that is resistant to high temperatures and harsh conditions. An aluminium type plate is printed in the open pores of the aluminium which makes the text indelible, weatherproof and resistant to scratches, UV, chemicals and grease. Stainless steel is also an option but does not boast all the features of aluminium.

Machine-specific information such as year of manufacture, type and serial numbers can be engraved by us or can be applied by the customer by means of a punch stamp or engraving device.

If the CE marking does not need to be riveted, an aluminium sticker can also be used as CE label. An aluminium sticker can resist temperatures up to around 150°C. The text is screen printed on the sticker. Since this is a soft material, a serial number can be added by means of a scriber or punch stamp.

Technical details

Technical details

Aluminium (open pores)
Aluminium sticker
Stainless steel
High-speed milling according to the shape specifications of the customer
Self-adhesive milled on sheet
Numbering in ascending order, protective film, rounded corners, barcode are all among the possibilities.
Self-adhesive or mounting holes