Front foils

Fronts destined as operating display on devices and machines are screen printed or digitally printed on the back of sustainable plastic foils. Depending on the application, we offer various materials and thicknesses. Because the ink layer is applied on the back of the foil, the print of the front is protected against damage, grease, moisture and dirt.

Front panels

Front panels are often used for the operation of machines and electric installations, such as in mechanical engineering, electronics, the medical sector, etc. A front panel can be realised in various ways. Since this is a sustainable product, the most common methods are anodised aluminium with print in the anodised layer or a plastic film, printed on the back, on steel sheet.

Synoptic panels

Synoptic panels are used to provide a schematic representation of installations or processes. The design of the synoptic can either be supplied by you (dwg, dxf, eps, pdf) or the synoptic panel is further developed by our team of graphic designers.

CE type plates

A CE machine plate that is resistant to high temperatures and harsh conditions. An aluminium type plate is printed in the open pores of the aluminium which makes the text indelible, weatherproof and resistant to scratches, UV, chemicals and grease. Stainless steel is also an option but does not boast all the features of aluminium. Machine-specific information such as year of manufacture, type and serial numbers can be engraved by us or can be applied by the customer by means of a punch stamp or engraving device. If the CE marking does not need to be riveted, an aluminium sticker can also be used as CE label. An aluminium sticker can resist temperatures up to around 150°C. The text is screen printed on the sticker. Since this is a soft material, a serial number can be added by means of a scriber or punch stamp.

Print semi-finished materials

By means of the screen printing technique we print materials supplied by our customers. Those can be powder coated operating panels, ABS covers, stainless steel front panels, galvanised sections, etc. Our expertise and years of experience ensure that we can deploy the appropriate inks for any type of product.


We realise engravings in all kinds of plastics, plexi and metals such as copper, brass, aluminium and stainless steel. Supplied materials can be milled and engraved as well. A computer-controlled engraving machine effortlessly engraves logos, technical drawings, fonts, symbols and text. The engraving can also be coloured. The main applications are:
  • type plates
  • name plates
  • numbering in ascending order
  • serial and/or type numbers
  • badges
  • front panels
  • stamps
  • identification labels
  • markings
  • scales
  • etc.



We offer you a complete range of signalling products for the signalling in and around your company, ranging from evacuation plans and pictograms to indoor and outdoor signage.

Name plates

A nice plate featuring your company name, an original name plate for liberal professions and private individuals or an exclusive door sign gives your company, house or profession a nice appearance. You can supply the design or you can have a design created by us.


Besides our offer of the standard vinyl sticker, we also have a large range of stickers for special applications:
  • PVC labels: labels in plastic, available in various colours and thicknesses – cut into shape – self-adhesive or mounting holes
  • Irremovable labels: these labels break into very small pieces when they are tried to be removed. These labels cannot be detached in one piece. Therefore, their removal becomes a difficult, time-consuming job.
  • Fuel-resistant labels: labels fitted with a fuel-resistant varnish coat.
  • Barcodes: available in various carrier materials (vinyl, polyester, irremovable, etc.)
  • Polyester: labels resistant to very high temperatures – strong adhesion – often used for labels on motors, adaptors, computers, machines, etc.
  • Aluminium labels: resistant to high temperatures – strong adhesion – scrapable with scriber or ballpoint pen.
  • Ultra removable labels: do not leave adhesive residues when being removed.
  • Domed stickers: screen printed or digitally printed sticker with adhesive of choice (usually permanent vinyl or polyester), fitted with a 3D resin layer giving the sticker an exclusive appearance and protecting it against all weather conditions
  • Engraving labels: large range of colours and thicknesses, mounting holes or self-adhesive
  • Transfer label: this label only consists of ink, paint and an adhesive layer. This technology allows the label to remain extremely thin, giving the appearance that the end product was printed directly.



Pictograms offer a solution to express safety and user instructions in clear visual language. We have a standard assortment of self-adhesive pictograms which can be delivered directly from our stock. We also manufacture customer-specific pictograms, in all sizes and shapes, which comply with the technical demands required by your application.

Specials: barcodes, stams, spray film

  • Punching / cutting rubber seals / displays
  • Engraving copper stamps
  • Rulers / protractors
  • Magnetic films
  • Spray / plot films (removable)